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License #CGC1506967 and #CPC1456857

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Discount Concrete Concepts, Inc.

4681 Bonanza Road

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Paver Block/Brick Process—Next   





Paver Block/Brick is a beautiful look, but despite the install process, it is always subject to weeds and continual maintenance.


We believe, “pavers if you must” and also suggest you seriously consider “no weeds ever” with stamping/overlay—which always depends on YOUR desired look. Pictures here are Chicago Brick Pavers on a home in South Florida.



Good installers are 2nd to none!


· It’s a key to a happy ending and our team fits the qualifications!


· Discount Concrete Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to adding beauty and value to your property with the least inconvenience to you—although this is definitely not a quick project.


· There is the pre-construction, the excavation, the layout and the install to contend with—the end result is fantastic!