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License #CGC1506967 and #CPC1456857

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Discount Concrete Concepts, Inc.

4681 Bonanza Road

Lake Worth, FL 33467

Cell: 561-722-2177

Fax: 561-966-3372

Email: dcci7@aol.com


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Concrete pumping is used to reach many areas otherwise unreachable—including backyards, beams, foundations, gunite/pools, etc.




In many ways,


Discount Concrete Concepts, Inc. sets itself apart from its’ competitors.


We have worked hard to establish a business that runs effectively and efficiently. We send THE RIGHT PUMP for YOUR pour!



· Exceptional service

· Operators who take pride in their work

· Dedicated team players at all organizational levels

· Flexible and accommodating business style

· Complete reliability, and

· Fair pricing